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Redken Color Extend Magnetics Line Review

by Emma

The brand Redken is only available in hair salons. I have used so many different shampoo products over the years, but this one is the best one so far. My lightened and colored hair has fallen in love with the Redken Color Extend Magnetics line. Not only will Redken put your hair in love with their products, but they also last quite a while.

The Redken Color Extend Magnetics shampoo and conditioner duo are two of my favorite products, and I’d like to tell you more about them in this article. I have been using these products for a few months now, so it’s time for a review! Keep on reading to find out why I love it so much.

Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo

You must be extremely cautious when choosing the products you use to wash your colored hair. This is due to the large number of products available on the market that make your color wash off and come off more quickly. Color-treated hair is prone to fading, so the shampoo you use should keep the color in your hair instead of washing it away.

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Photo by Redken, Amazon.

Thankfully, you won’t experience this issue if you use this Redken shampoo no matter your hair color, both dark and light, including permanent ones. In general, this shampoo is considered to be one of the best products for preserving color in hair. The Redken shampoo is formulated to extend the life of your hair color and help keep your color vibrant for as long as possible. It is entirely free of the harmful and aggressive sulfates that are frequently present in shampoos of this nature, which are bad for your hair. This shampoo gently and mildly cleanses your hair without fading the color. It has a great scent (I’ve read some other redken color extend magnetics reviews, and I’m definately not the only one!) and produces a thick lather that makes rinsing it out simple. Not that much product is required.

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Redken Color Extend Magnetics Conditioner

The intensively nourishing and sulfate-free Color Extend Magnetics Conditioner offers the best detangling for hair. It leaves my hair smelling great and feeling extremely soft. Redken’s conditioner includes amino acids, which replenish hair and fortify hair fibers. In turn, the hair feels softer and smoother, and the hair color is optimally protected.

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Photo by Redken, Amazon.

This conditioner creates a protective layer around the hair. I have pretty thin hair, and this conditioner didn’t weigh down my hair at all. It also revitalizes the color of your hair. It instantly makes your hair color look refreshed. Also, the scent of this conditioner is so good! It really lingers after you rinse it out.

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My hair after using the Redken Shampoo & Conditioner duo for two months.
Redken’s claim. Photo by Redken, Amazon.

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The products might be on the expensive side, but they do eliminate the need to visit a hairdresser or dye your hair yourself, saving you money in the process. If you have colored hair like me, this combination will ensure that it stays soft to the touch and that the color simply stays beautiful for a longer period of time. This combination of shampoo and conditioner made my bleached blonde hair look completely shiny and soft. It looked so unhealthy before, I almost cut it all off. Redken saved my hair! This is truly a perfect conditioner and shampoo for color-treated hair. Anyone with colored hair should consider trying this Redken shampoo and conditioner!

We rate it 5/5!

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What is Redken Color Extend Magnetics used for?

It’s used for color treated hair.

Does Redken Color Extend have silicone?

No, it is free of silicones.

Does Redken Color Extend conditioner sulfates?

No, it is free of sulfates.

Does Redken Color Extend have parabens?

No, it is free of parabens.

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