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How to Wake up Early, and Why? 5 Tips To Get Better Sleep And Wake Up Early

by Emma

Are you wondering how to wake up early, and how to make it a habit for life? Well, that’s exactly what we are going to discuss. Also, hey, don’t tap out now. This will be a realistic, short and simple guide you can practically follow as a mantra. So keep reading!

You might have probably heard the nursery rhyme that goes, “Early to bed, Early to rise. Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Well, the rhyme is true to the tee. Waking up early has a lot of benefits, both for your physical as well as your mental health. But often, we struggle to pull out the blanket and wake ourselves up, especially when the weather is cold and calming. So, how to wake up early? Read on to find out.

Why Wake Up Early?

Sure, we can ask how to wake up early, but let’s also go into why. Let’s examine the prime benefits of getting out of bed early and starting your daily life as soon as possible. The science behind it is very simple. When you go to bed early and wake up early, you get to enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

Improved sleep quality directly points to enhanced concentration and better handling of your moods. Thus, it improves productivity and gives you the much-required energy to get through the day without feeling exhausted and lazy. 

Now that you know the benefits of waking up early let’s see how to implement it.

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5 Tips To Get Better Sleep And How to Wake Up Early

Let’s admit it. Waking up early is not an easy task, but with all the benefits, it’s a good habit to take on. But how do you make it a lifestyle? Perhaps you can start by implementing these four easy tips in your life.

1. Unplug from the digital world before going to bed.

One major tip on how to wake up early is putting away your screens a few hours before bed. It has become quite a usual thing to fall asleep while surfing through social media – hoping that tiring your eyes would compel your brain to tap out, and you would finally get some sleep. 

The blue screen light emitted from the screens interferes with the natural levels of melatonin produced by your body, thus making it difficult for you to sleep. 

Ditch this habit. Unplug from the digital world thirty minutes before going to bed. Instead, go through the hard copy of your favorite magazine while in bed or practice self care. Work your brain up this way, and you will see your brain slowly tapping out. You are sure to get some good deep sleep then. 

2. Set up a night care routine.

If you feel you are going to bed early, set up a well-pampered night care routine. It need not be elaborate, but it surely should be something that showcases your love for yourself. A good bath, followed by some skincare and haircare. Taking melatonin an hour or two before bed can help you out as well.

When you practice it daily, your body will slowly know when you are planning to rest, and you will get used to getting early into your bed.

3. Place your alarm clock somewhere far across the room.

It’s easy to snooze your alarm when it’s right by you. So if you have a table across your room, place it there and put the sound on max. The alarm sound would obviously obstruct your sleep, and you will have to get up and walk a bit to turn it off. 

That said, you need not keep an annoying sound for your alarm. Make it a peaceful yet noticeable sound. This is because you want to wake up in the right mode to get the full benefits of waking up early.

4. Say no to sugary drinks and caffeine. 

Can’t go without your favorite coffee in a day? Try shifting it to the early morning hours. The same applies to sugary cold drinks and energy drinks. When you have a large amount of caffeine and sugar in your body, it makes it hard to sleep early. 

Further, your body also urges you to stay in bed for long, making it hard to rise early. Thus, make it a point to not consume caffeine after lunch and limit the number of sugary drinks after the evening.

5. Say bye to dark curtains.

If you live in tropical areas, this strategy will work great. Try going for curtains with lighter shades, preferably white. This way, the sun’s rays would spread across the room during the morning and help you wake up naturally without the help of an alarm. How to wake up early? This is the way.

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Let’s summarise how to wake up early. The main idea is to go to bed early and get up early so that you still get good sleep and wake up before the daily buzz starts. This also gives you some extra time to indulge in yourself and make a hearty breakfast that your taste buds and stomach crave. In this article we wrote down 5 tips on how to achieve this. We hope these tips will help you! Good luck!

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