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Should You Use A Hair Mask Before Or After Shampooing Your Hair?

by Emma

Even if you are a regular hair mask user, you might wonder if you should use a hair mask before or after shampoo. In most cases, the answer is pretty simple: you apply a hair mask after shampooing. Not before. This is because most hair masks work better when applied to clean, wet hair. Keep reading to find out more information on using a hair mask before or after shampoo, how hair masks work, and how they’re different from conditioners.

Can You Use A Hair Mask Before Shampooing?

I wouldn’t. Hair that is clean and wet works best for hair masks. If you haven’t washed you hair yet, your hair cuticles are flat and may be covered with sebum and other product residues. This can prevent the mask’s components from penetrating the hair. This means you won’t get the result you are hoping for. There are a few exceptions, though. There are different kind of hair masks that may be applied beforehand, such as detox and deep cleansing ones.

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How to add a Hair Mask after Shampooing

After washing your hair, use a soft microfiber towel or cotton shirt to gently absorb any remaining water to reduce friction. You should have moist hair. Not too wet, not too dry.  Then divide your hair into sections.  If you have long hair, you can also use hair clips to make it easier Apply the hair mask liberally, giving special attention to the ends of the hair as they are often drier and more prone to breaking. Apply vigorous downward pressure on the mask. Once you’ve coated all of your strands, wrap it in your microfiber towel and leave it for around 10 minutes to absorb the oil. Rinse and let air dry.

How long to leave a hair mask in

How long you should leave a hair mask in differs per hair mask. Check the back of your hair mask for instructions. If there are none, leave it on for about 10-20 minutes.

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Why Add A Hair Mask After Shampooing?

Professional hair stylists extensively wash the hair for a purpose before applying a keratin or color treatment. This procedure gets the hair ready and more responsive, which leads to better and longer-lasting results.

Shampoo causes the hair cuticles to expand and pull out just a little bit, allowing the detergents to clean in between. Because of this, a conditioner is used immediately after shampooing to settle the hair and smooth the cuticles. Without conditioner, the cuticles would stay open after you wash, resulting in frizz and knots.

So when it comes to using a hair mask before or after shampoo, the optimum time to apply a hair mask to your hair is just after you’ve just shampooed and dampened it. Maximum moisture and nutrients can flow in through gaps on the hair’s surface. In addition to conditioners, hair masks also include cationic surfactants, which function similarly. They assist in restoring the cuticles’ regular shape.

Should I shampoo after hair mask?

No! As noted before, shampoo makes the hair cuticles slightly swell and pull out, allowing the detergents to clean in between. For this reason, a conditioner is used as away after shampooing to calm the hair and smooth the cuticles. The cuticles would remain open after washing without conditioner, causing frizz and knots.

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Should You Use Conditioner After a Hair Mask?

Whether to follow a hair mask with a conditioner relies on two main factors: what kind of hair mask you’re applying and the condition of your hair

Type of Hair Mask

Because they include tiny particles that penetrate better, intensive deep moisturizing hair masks can keep the hair conditioned for longer. Therefore, following the mask with a conditioner might result in an excess of moisture, which would wear down the hair’s hydration.

“Should I use a hair mask before or after conditioner?”

You can apply a follow-up conditioner if your hair mask is lightweight and suggests using one afterward.

The Condition Of Your Hair

You may easily switch out your conditioner for a hair mask if your hair is highly porous. Hair masks function like super-conditioners, nourishing the hair 5 times better while offering good slip for detangling.

Color-Treated Hair

To maintain the smoothness and intensity of colored hair, apply a hair mask followed by a conditioner. However, the majority of masks for color-treated hair contain both of these advantages.

Fine hair

It will be far too intense and dense to use a mask in place of a conditioner if you have fine hair. Use either a conditioner OR a hair mask made specifically for fine hair. Make note to not combine the two.

Thick, Dry, and Coarse Hair

A renewing masque that helps to soften coarse-textured hair that is challenging to maintain and style is the perfect product to use on dry, thick, and coarse hair.

Is a Hair Mask Better Than Conditioner?

Hair masks, as opposed to conventional conditioners, include more powerful chemicals that have been broken down into smaller bits to permeate the hair shafts more deeply. They offer superior moisture content, are more potent, and can even aid in the repair of hair damage.

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How to apply hair mask

How to apply a hair mask is the exciting part! Gently massage the product into your hair for about 30 seconds, paying special attention to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. This will facilitate product penetration and cuticle sealing for increased cuticle smoothness and shine.

So, should you add a hair mask before or after shampoo?

In this blog post we’ve talked about using a hair mask before or after shampoo. Here’s what it comes down to. Before using a hair mask, always wash your hair beforehand. It’s an important phase that facilitates the penetration of the nutritious components, which subsequently operate from the hair’s core to energize and fortify the strands. Everything else is applied to wet, clean hair unless you’re using a cleaning or pre-poo mask.

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