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4 Simple Self Care Ideas

by Emma

In 2022, we hear a lot about making time for ourselves and practising self care. Looking after ourselves is important. We all know this, but what can be a little trickier to navigate is exactly how to do that. Stay tuned to read about what self care is and to gather some simple self care ideas so that you can begin to implement mindful moments into your own life. 

What is self care?

Self care is all about you and keeping your physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing happy and healthy. It is only by replenishing our own resources that we can continue to give. Whether that is thriving at work, looking after your family, or simply feeling better in yourself. After all, they do say that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Sure, sometimes this can mean putting on a facemask and watching your favourite show, but these activities aren’t for everyone. There are plenty of self care ideas out there just waiting to be discovered. 

Despite what Instagram might have you believe, there is more than one way for self care to look. So, that being said, let’s take a look at some self care ideas to get you started!

Cooking with intent as self care

The kitchen is a great place to start when it comes to self care. Eating healthy foods that you enjoy is an excellent entryway into a physically healthier lifestyle. This coupled with the satisfaction of making something yourself, is a great way to prioritise your wellbeing. Try a recipe from a cuisine you’ve never eaten before, or perhaps a dish that is a little more complex than you are used to. For those of us in a bit of a slump, a change from the routine foods is an excellent way to liven up and break the moulds that have become normal. With each slice of a vegetable or each dash of seasoning added, you have a place and an opportunity to feel present and mindful. A series of small steps to focus on!

An excellent perk of cooking is the flexibility. Whether you need a quick ten-minute recipe or want to lose yourself in the flow for an hour, there is something out there that will fit your needs. Websites like Yummly can help find new recipes you might not have heard of, catered to your dietary requirements and cooking abilities. If nothing else, it is a great place to find some inspiration. Cooking is just one self care idea that can help you in a multitude of ways; helping you connect to your body and spirit through new foods or even cultural dishes.

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The great outdoors can be soothing

This next suggestion certainly isn’t ground-breaking news, but it is true. The great outdoors. Getting fresh air and taking a moment to yourself is one of the best things you can do for both your mind and your body. Taking a walk a few times a week with no other purpose than to reconnect with yourself can do wonders.

Walk in silence and appreciate your surroundings, truly think about your day, your week, how did it go? How did you react to different hurdles you encountered? Or maybe you’d like some more company on a walk. Take a hot cup of tea or a bottle of water with you as you listen to audio. It might sound simple, but we find this one of the most effective yet simple self care ideas in this article.

Maybe try out a new podcast, audiobook, or playlist. Podcasts are a great choice; you can lean fully into these mindfulness walks and find plenty of self care podcasts. And just listening to one of your interests can be calming, too. Whether you’re into the science of bees or want to keep up with an outlandish fictional world, there are podcast shows out there covering even the most obscure interests. Many podcasts can be accessed for free through apps like Spotify. Whatever you take with you on a walk, the main thing is that you stretch your legs, get some fresh air, and feel present. 

Sometimes it can be disheartening to walk through busy streets where the fresh air doesn’t feel quite so fresh. With websites like Walking Britain, which is great if you are based in England, Scotland, or Wales, or apps such as Footpath Route Planner, which can be used worldwide, you can find and plan new, exciting routes. Great for if your local area isn’t quite cutting it. 

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Take a pause for your mental health

For a lot of us, time constraints and feeling busy add a mental weight to our workload. So trying to find the time to fit in a home cooked, complex meal or taking time out for a walk might feel unmanageable. To work up to these steps, it can be nice to find pockets of peace in your existing activities. Take a moment to be mindful as the kettle boils. Wear an outfit that fills you with confidence. Listen to your favourite song (or favorite self care ideas!). Or even just stretch for five minutes. Learning to be mindful and move our bodies doesn’t have to be time consuming and complex. It can be just a moment to pause in a busy day. Self care does not have to focus on brand new ideas and habits, they can be built into things that already bring you joy. 

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The Finch app as cute self care idea

These suggestions can sometimes be a case of ‘easier said than done’. Starting your self care journey can be difficult to do. Habits can be tricky to form, and sometimes real life gets in the way. One great tool to help keep yourself on track is Finch. Finch is an app designed to keep your wellbeing and self care on track. 

Screenshot 2022 08 20 at 14.46.49

With the Finch app, you have a small digital pet that you look after through self care activities. With each exercise or activity that you complete to further your own wellbeing, your pet grows. 

There are plenty of features to help you stay centred and on track, from gratitude journalling, to breathing exercises. Finch is like a one stop shop for self care. It is a brilliant place to start, especially for beginners on their self care journeys. Some of the fan favourite functions in Finch include setting goals, guided mediation sessions, small quizzes and even bullet journalling. All of these self care ideas and inspiration, plus an adorable digital friend to keep you company.

Finch acknowledges that we are all at different points in our self care journeys. Goals can be as small as washing your face each day, or it could be something much higher. No matter where you and your mental health are, there is a space for you in this app.

There are in app purchases available, but all the basic functions in the app are free. Your wellbeing experience is not disrupted by pesky paid barriers even if you opt out of the ‘Finch plus’ options. The Finch app is definitely one of our favourite easy-to-start self care ideas.

You can do this!

We hope these self care ideas have inspired you to start taking better care of yourself. Self care is important to implement in your life and it can take so many different forms. The key is to start with achievable goals and steps that become habits and routines. Give your mind a chance to slow down, your soul a space to breathe, and your body a chance to move. You can do this. 

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